Runway and Portfolio Instructor:

Violeta Perez was born in Cuba, migrated to the US at the age of 20 and immediately started to pursuit her modeling care. At the beginning she was only able to do print and product modeling but she never gave up on her dreams and move up quickly to TV and film in order to diversify and re-invent herself. She has also been selected by many Beauty Pageants to serve as a judge. You can see her on local T.V commercials, and training videos for corporations such as Chick-Fil-A, Michelin, Ross, Marshalls , Family Dollars and so on …. Violeta Perez has been modeling for Barami, David Bridal, Macy’s, Carlos Santana’s, LeGair Brand and many more throughout her career. Recently she was selected to walk at “New York fashion week” for the amazing designers Young Socialite and Luis Enrique Alta costura.
Currently she is the face of the UNI’K hand creating boutique.

In 2010 she created Talento Latino Modeling School where she began helping many students to improve their self-image, training for pageants and also teaching what it takes to succeed in the modeling

Etiquette Instructor:

Her journey as an Advertising Graphic Designer began in Atlanta more than 15 years ago. With the idea of ​​helping and inspiring Hispanic small business owners in her community to enhance and enhance their various activities through design and advertising.

A large percentage of these small business owners were women entrepreneurs with big dreams. With an enormous need for knowledge about themselves, their environment and how to empower the activity for which they had been working and dedicating a large part of their lives. It was then, where I got certified as Personal Image Assistant with the faithful conviction of being able to guide them in every step of their development and discover the best of each one of them.

With this same passion, I began my mission in 2007 to reach thousands of Latin women and their families through Reino Magazine Atlanta, a collectible magazine with multiple articles of interest, where each note answers questions and concerns and aims to bring the message of empowering Latin women to achieve their goals.

Her dream was even bigger, in 2018 She obtained her Diploma in Interior Design/Interior Designer at the School of Image and Design of the National University of Córdoba in my native Argentina. Since then, I have worked transforming their living and working spaces into functional environments full of good energy where they can be inspired, motivated, gain confidence and fight for their dreams.

Today this enormous challenge is presented to her and the possibility of not only reaching each of these wonderful women but also their children, as a Teacher of Etiquette and Protocol at our academy.

Hair and Makeup Instructor:

Faby Arce

Desde hace 5 años que se dedica al bello arte del maquillaje. Su pasión por el maquillaje la llevo a querer saber más de este bello arte y decide prepararse para poder ofrecer lo mejor a sus clientes. Estudio en la reconocida academia FaceArt Makeup Academy and Spa de Itala del Guerico. Estudiar ahí fue su primera motivación para seguir aprendiendo sobre esta carrera.Siguió persiguiendo sus sueños y a seguido estudiando con diferentes profesionales de la industria tales como : Maritza Barraza, Pepe Gutierrez, Efrain Tirado, Angel de la Cruz, Javier de la Rosa, Michell de la Palma, Priscila Ortiz, Jacky Veja, entre otros. Su arte se a visto plasmada en el rostro de muchas modelos en grandes eventos como: * Art Mezo * UNIQUE Fashion Show * Fotografía editorial * Fashion show de Alve Alexander * Rise Up * Por mencionar algunos. Tambien cuenta con diferentes colaboraciones de trabajos en conjunto para diferentes eventos sociales y personales. En su portafolio encuentras trabajos como maquillajes sociales, XU, novias, caracterización y editorial.

Hair and Makeup Instructor:

Rocio Villanueva.

Su pasión por el maquillaje empezó hace más de 5 años y desde entonces ha seguido en constante capacitación y certificándose con artistas de talla nacional e internacional. Creo su empresa RoVi Makeup LLC con el propósito de ampliar sus servicios. Como maquillista profesional ha podido participar en diferentes eventos importantes dentro de la comunidad tales como Internacional Art and Fashion Exhibition/ ArtMeso, World of Prom/ Terani Couture, UNiQUE Fashion Show/ Talento Latino, Beauty Meets Fashion/ Miles Models, Expo Bodas y Quinceañera by Revista de Fiesta/ Cinderella’s Gown, Indian Bridal Show/ Betheyou Org. Y más! Esto le ah permitido conectarse con la comunidad y con otros profesionales de la industria dentro de Georgia y también fuera del estado.


Carlos Alexis, a former native of New York City fulfilled his dream of military service at age 18 when he enlisted to become a qualified United States Army airborne ranger. While on his numerous deployments Carlos worked side by side with journalists from around the world which brought out his passion for photography. After 12 years of military service as an infantry man, Carlos found him self exploring his interest of photography in New York City as he continued another passion for physical training. After 5 years as a physical trainer for some of the top training facilities in NYC, Carlos’ growing passion moved him  to Atlanta Georgia to work as a photographer and creative director for Wedding photography. Carlos has worked side by side many of the top creatives to  capture some of the most amazing moments in wedding and family photography. Since then Carlos has moved on to fashion photography where he has build an amazing portfolio along side Atlanta’s Talento Latino modeling school and photo pose instructor Violeta Perez, a portfolio that has shown his true passion for the creative art and fashion world.